Critical Appraisal Tools

Critical Appraisal tools
Presented by Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP)

CASP critical appraisal tools help you more easily and accurately perform critical appraisal across a number of different study types. Randomised clinical trials, Systematic Review, Qualitative studies, Cohort studies, Diagnostic studies, Case Control study, Economic Evaluation, Clinical Prediction Rule

Source / Format
  • MS Word docs, PDFs, guideline for use of checklist
Critical Appraisal tools
Presented by JBI

JBI’s critical appraisal tools assist in assessing the trustworthiness, relevance and results of published papers.
Analytical Cross Sectional Studies
Case Control Studies
Case Reports
Case Series
Cohort Studies
Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
Economic Evaluations
Prevalence Studies
Qualitative Research
Quasi-Experimental Studies
Randomised Controlled Trials
Systematic Reviews
Text and Opinion

Source / Format
  • MS Word docs containing explanations of appraisal tool and checklist for specific studies, downloadable, printable

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