National Breast Cancer Foundation Grants Schemes

Collaborative Research Accelerator Grants ~ Significant, recurrent funding fosters an ecosystem of multiple diverse research teams, at all career stages, to address critical questions through a connected suite of research activity at the pace and scale that reflects the urgency of achieving our vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

EOI opening early May 2024.

NBCF is facilitating an information webinar series to give an overview of the Pink Horizon Research Strategy and to inform the research community about the key application elements of the Collaborative Research Accelerator Grant scheme. NBCF will host three identical information webinars to allow sufficient opportunity for participants to attend and actively participate in one of the question and answer sessions at the end of each webinar.

The webinars will be held on Monday, April 22, 2024 at 10am-11am AEST and 3pm-4pm AEST and Monday, April 29, 2024 at 1pm-2pm AEST.

Research Projects Grants ~ Annual funding support for investigator-initiated research projects to build Australia’s breast cancer research pipeline that addresses research questions with a clear line of sight to Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Pink Sky Grants ~ Intermittent merit-based funding support high-risk, high-reward research projects with significant paradigm shifting potential to revolutionise approaches to combating breast cancer.

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