Health Services Research Assoc Au/NZ (mentees required to be Assoc members or staff at Assoc member org)

The HSRAANZ Mentoring Program matches interested mentees with mentors for a 9-month mentoring journey. Mentees may be students, emerging researchers, mid-career researchers, anyone looking to move into the health services research field or to a clinical/industry role, or even experienced researchers seeking peer-mentoring. Mentees must be a member of HSRAANZ or staff/students of a HSRAANZ Organisation Member. Any health services researcher or policy maker can be a mentor. Ideally a mentor would have at least 3-5 years of research experience and, or completed a PhD. Early and mid-career researchers at a similar level or a few years in advance of the mentee can offer excellent and current support and advice. Mentors do not need to be HSRAANZ members.

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