MLL: Optimising Real-World Data – The National Cancer Cohort (NCCP) Project

The upcoming MRFF-funded National Cancer Cohort Platform (NCCP) project is building a new digital asset to harness the value of cohort data.

Learn how this project can optimise real-world data use to drive future cancer care delivery and research. Hear all about the NCCP project – the aims, outcomes and approach to the build of this new digital asset.

Representatives from five partner cohorts, LifePool, kConFab, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS), Melanoma Research Victoria (MRV), and Variants in Practice (ViP), will explain the amazing work they do and talk about the opportunities the NCCP project will bring. They will be joined by consumers involved in the project and BioGrid Australia who is leading the development of the platform. A/Prof Ashley Ng will also provide insight into the value of a centralised data platform and the opportunities it will create.

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