13th Health Services Research Conference
Health Services Research in the Digital Age

The Conference will be held at Royal International Convention Centre (Royal ICC) in Brisbane, from 4 – 6 December 2024.


In this dynamic era of digital transformation, our conference serves as a platform for researchers, practitioners, thought leaders and policymakers to come together, exchange ideas, and delve into the exciting possibilities that digital technology offers to transform health services. We hope to address some of the key challenges: Human-computer interaction, data privacy and security; data quality and reliability; interoperability; AI/machine learning and bias in algorithms; and equitable access to digital healthcare services and resources. Likewise, we’ll explore the exciting opportunities that the digital age brings: better access and patient engagement; big data and predictive analytics; telehealth; precision medicine; cost efficiency; and global collaboration.

Over three days we will engage in insightful discussions, share groundbreaking research, and collaborate on solutions that will enable us to navigate the challenges and harness the opportunities of HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with peers, learn from the best minds in the field, and be a part of shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Event Start date
  • 04 Dec 2024 - 08:00AM
Event End date
  • 06 Dec 2024 - 05:00PM
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