Data and Surveillance Analyst

The Data and Surveillance Analyst position works within the Loddon Mallee Public Health Unit (LMPHU) and supports integrated intelligence and surveillance activities across the LMPHU (Communicable Disease, Environmental Health, Population Health) and across the surveillance continuum, ranging from data generation (collection and analysis) to data use (interpretation and response).

The successful candidate will support the LMPHU and work closely with the epidemiologists, clinical staff and operational staff within the unit to develop and maintain data products relating to surveillance, reporting, data quality and research. The Data and Surveillance Analyst will have the opportunity to work with a range of government and hospital data sources and will be required to develop a good understanding of all existing data sharing agreements between LMPHU and external agencies, and ensure that data transfer, storage and dissemination is in keeping with these guidelines and broader legislative requirements for data privacy.

This role will contribute to delivery of a resilient and sustainable place based public health response with a focus on data integrity, measuring and delivering outcomes, and working collaboratively with the Department of Health and other key government and non-governmental partners.

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