Casual Community Development Worker/Research Assistant

The Faculty of Health comprises the Schools of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Health and Social Development, Nursing and Midwifery, Medicine and Psychology. The Research Assistant reports to the Project Manager and Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction within the School of Psychology (CONNECT Research and Training Initiative).

The Trauma Aware Geelong Initiative is a community-driven and place-based effort focused on increasing awareness of trauma and fostering empathic responses within the Geelong region. Through collaborative networks, comprehensive training, strategic planning, and research endeavours, Trauma Aware Geelong aims to create supportive environments that promote healing and resilience among individuals living within the Geelong area and surrounds.

The post holder will play a crucial role within the Trauma Aware Geelong Initiative, focusing on establishing a robust trauma awareness network and facilitating its sub-committees, engaging in strategic planning, coordinating community forums and comprehensive training programs, as well as overseeing research and evaluation endeavours.

They will spearhead the establishment of a network dedicated to increasing trauma awareness in workplaces and communities, fostering compassionate responses, and organising sub-committees for various purposes. Additionally, the Assistant will lead wide-scale training initiatives, plan meeting and training schedules, develop training packages, and devise program logic models. Strategic planning efforts will involve setting a five-year direction for the initiative, defining outcomes, and ensuring alignment with broader community initiatives.

Furthermore, responsibilities include producing essential documentation such as brochures, strategy documents, and resources, while also conducting research and evaluation activities, including the development of surveys, needs assessments and grant applications. Effective communication will be essential, requiring the maintenance of mailing lists, branding, website development, and social media management to promote events and disseminate information effectively.

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